Sky Player for Xbox 360 has arrived

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Sky Player for Xbox 360 has arrived Empty Sky Player for Xbox 360 has arrived

Post  ciprian on Mon Nov 02, 2009 2:59 pm

Great news, the long awaited for on-demand streaming of Sky channels/content for Xbox 360 has arrived. Effective from today, Sky Player for Xbox 360 will allow subscribed users to access on-demand streams of Sky content and live broadcasting through their console. The exact same channels will be available to you that are available on your existing Sky subscription.If you’re not subscribed just yet, there are two possible ways to pay for your subscription. Either way, you will find yourself having to pay for Sky subscription and Xbox Live Gold subscription:

The first method is if you’re not too sure and just want to try it out, you can opt for a bundle pack. Sky will be selling a bundle pack of a month of Sky Player subscription (with the Sky Sports pack), a media remote, and 3 months of Xbox Live Gold subscription for £30. This means users will be able to try it out without commiting yourself to any long term contract.
The second is more suitable if you are sure that you like to have this service. Sign up for Sky subscription which costs £15 per month, and then go for Xbox Live Gold subscription which is £40 per year. This adds up to £220 per year or just over £18 per month, considerably cheaper than the above method if you’re certain you want this over long-term.

Sky Player for Xbox 360 has arrived Sky-Player-Xbox-hands2
Sky Player for Xbox 360 has arrived Oct2509skytvpreview-1256645428
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